How to Use Essential Oils to Scent a Room

Essential Oils

Looking to make your spaces smell scentastional? Pure essential oils are a toxin-free, natural way to make your bedroom, office, or car smell as fresh as a bouquet of lavender blossoms or as radiant as a grove of orange trees.

With so many exciting options to try, it can be hard to know where to start. One way you can choose which essential oil or blend to diffuse is by deciding the vibe. Do you want to feel ready to conquer the world—or at least the day? Or would you rather walk into a room where you can practically taste the zen? Once you know how you’d like to feel, it’s much easier to choose an essential oil to diffuse.

Below are some scenarios to consider and essential oils that can set the mood!

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When You Need a Me Minute

With work, family, friends, and laundry, sometimes life doesn’t seem to let up. When you’re stuck in traffic or worried about your next deadline, reach for these soothing scents.

Bergamot has a refreshing, inspirational aroma. It’s a sophisticated citrus that can lighten the weight of any to-do list.

Sweet Orange has a vivacious, sunny scent. When it’s in the air, even the gloomiest day can smell a little brighter.

The Radiance blend has a fruity, velvety aroma. Its positive, cheerful scent can remind you to be kind to yourself.

When It Feels Like Time Drags On

Everybody knows the feeling when it’s 3:00 pm and you feel yourself drooping over the keyboard or slumping to the next carpool. Reset your day with these energizing scents.

Basil has an earthy, sweet aroma. It’s the perfect essential oil to diffuse when you’re looking for some clarity.

Persian Lime has a zesty, tangy scent. Diffuse it when you’re looking for an aromatic pick-me-up.

Peppermint has a cool, fresh aroma. It can inspire you to face the rest of the day with a smile on your face.

Feel energized with Hohm Essential Oils
Evening routine with Hohm Essential Oils

When It’s Time to Unwind

It can be difficult to let the cares of the day slip away when it’s time to rest. Make diffusing a part of your evening routine as a gentle reminder that it’s time to hit the hay.

French Lavender has a sweet, floral scent. It’s like getting permission to slow down and take a deep breath.

Clary Sage has a green, earthy aroma. Diffuse it in your bedroom to create a sleepy-time sanctuary.

Reflect has a sweet, woody aroma. Think of it as the scent that tucks you in as you drift off to dreamland.

Create Scents of Belonging

Whatever vibe you want to invite into your space, there’s an essential oil you can turn to. Fill your kitchen, car, and workspace with natural scents of belonging. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Everyone has different preferences, and your favorite natural aroma might just be a drop away.

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