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Welcome Hohm Kit

For a limited time save 15% on your sleek Hohm waterless diffuser & 100% all natural scents.

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Sleek, Portable & Waterless Diffuser

Hohm’s Vessel waterless diffuser, amplifies scents and oils in their most powerful form. Bring your favorite scents anywhere you are with our alloy atomizing diffuser.


Clean Scenting

We carefully chose ingredients so you never have to compromise on quality. With 100% pure premium, responsibly sourced, and USA Crafted and bottled essential oils, you can smell the Hohm difference.


Our guarantee

We guarantee you’ll love your new Welcome Hohm Kit Diffuser + Essential Oils Kit.  Our 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and no-hassle returns makes every purchase risk-free.


Tested for Purity
and Potency

We test all of our essential oils using GC/MS to ensure you’re only diffusing oils that are free from synthetics and fillers. In addition to GC/MS testing, our essential oils go through five other authenticity and quality tests, so you can be sure your essential oils are pure and natural.


Essential Oil Blends

Our signature essential oil blends will capture your senses. From the grounding, mood-enhancing aroma of Reflect to the restorative, peppery scent of Recharge, Hohm’s blends provide natural scents to help you feel your best in any space.


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A complete aromatic experience of our most popular scents. Surround yourself with things that inspire your senses and enable the very best version of yourself anywhere you are.


  • Your choice of gold, black or silver eco-friendly aluminum alloy, waterless diffuser.
  • Set of four 100% pure essential oil blends: citrusy Recharge, floral Reverie, earthy Reflect, and peppery Verve (5mL bottles each).

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Every scent so far has been amazing! My favorite so far has been either Sweet Orange or Recharge, and I love the simplicity of not having to dd water each time I use my diffuser.

David S.

The Hohm diffuser is so amazing! It works well and doesn’t need water. I how how I can take it from room to room and even into the car. The reverie blend smells amazing!

Tiffany C.

I really like the no water function - Makes cleaning a breeze. Also, not having to worry about a cord means I can take this anywhere - car or desk at work.

Madi K.

These are amazing! The Self-Care 101 set was such a great intro to these oils. My favorite so far has been Radiance, and I have already placed my second order for more!

Breanne M.

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Fragrances are synthetic compounds that aren’t found in nature. These compounds are called captives. Captives are proprietary molecules that smell good, but haven’t been tested for long-term residual effects and are typically very cheap because they are easy to make. These chemical compounds can be associated with or contain substances that are harmful to our bodies.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are naturally occurring. They are generally plant or resin-based oils, and contain specific chemical constituents. These constituents have been known to have beneficial effects without any of the potential negative effects that synthetic chemicals bring. Hohm tests every batch of our essential oils using GC/MS to ensure you’re getting pure essential oil and no fillers or additives.

Other companies choose to package their essential oils in amber bottles to prevent UV damage. But it turns out frosted glass protects your essential oils from the sun’s harmful rays just as much as an amber or dark bottle, while also looking a whole lot prettier; so that's what we use.

The short answer is, YES–when used properly. Although there are some precautions you should take around your babies and fur babies, essential oils have been used safely for literally centuries in some form or another. Hohm’s essential oils are rigorously tested for purity and potency, so you can rest assured knowing you can use our oils like you would any other essential oil on the market today…although we recommend diffusing them.