How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are Pure

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Are Your Essential Oils Authentic?

So, you want to try essential oils! Though essential oils from plants and resins have been used for centuries, they have become more accepted and accessible over the past couple of decades. Lucky you! They are an incredible way to naturally scent your spaces without introducing toxins, phthalates, and more into the air you and your loved ones breathe every day.

But buyer beware: with the rise of essential oil popularity, adulterated options have flooded the market. Adulterating an essential oil means lowering its quality by adding other substances, like fillers and synthetic material. Basically, these products aren’t 100% pure essential oil. The Aromatic Plant Research Center estimates that 80% of oils marketed as pure and natural are adulterated in some way.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are PureAnd even when you find pure essential oils, they’re often hidden behind complicated, demanding business structures you have to sign your life away for.

When it comes to essential oils, you deserve the real deal. Finding and buying pure essential oils shouldn’t be hard. So, how do you identify real essential oils online or at your grocery store?

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Four Things You Should Consider Before You Buy

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are Pure

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are PureTesting

Responsible companies test their essential oils to make sure they are real and free from impurities before selling them. If the company you’re buying from doesn’t disclose how they test their essential oils, it may be a sign that their oils aren’t completely pure.

At Hohm, we run each of our single oils and blends through a rigorous process that includes six authenticity and quality tests, like GC/MS testing. These tests ensure the oils you order from Hohm are natural and pure.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are PurePrice Point

If the price of an essential oil looks too good to be true, it probably is. Pure essential oils aren’t easy to create. It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to responsibly grow and harvest high-quality plants from around the globe. Once the plant material is collected, it then has to be distilled, tested, and bottled before the essential oil ships out around the world. If the price of an oil doesn’t seem to reflect this thorough process, it could mean it’s been diluted with a carrier oil or made of a cheaper synthetic substance.

Hohm is transparent about our harvesting, distillation, and testing processes, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best essential oils out there at an affordable price.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are PureBotanical Names

A botanical name attached to the essential oil might not be the first thing you look for in an essential oil, but it can actually be an important indicator of purity. Unfortunately, some essential oil companies use synthetic materials and fillers to cut corners, which means you’re not getting a real essential oil. In our own purity testing of essential oils found at popular grocery stores, we found some contained large amounts of carrier oil.

Others included additional ingredients not listed on the box. And there were some that advertised themselves as a pure essential oil, like peppermint, but were actually distilled from a convincing fake called cornmint. If a company isn’t clear that their essential oils are made from true botanicals, press pause before you put it in your cart.

Hohm distills pure essential oils from the highest quality blossoms, resins, and plant material from all corners of the earth. They’re free from fillers, diluters, and synthetics, so you can fill your space with pure, natural scents.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are PureUV-Protected Containers

Have you ever wondered why essential oils are often stored in dark amber bottles? It’s actually more than a style choice. When essential oils are exposed to heat and light, they lose their natural benefits more quickly.

If the essential oil you’re thinking of purchasing is in a clear glass bottle, you may want to double check whether it is a real essential oil. But when it comes to UV protection, amber bottles aren’t the only option. Hohm bottles essential oil in more aesthetically pleasing frosted glass, which also protects the oils from UV rays, so you can have the best of both worlds.

How To Tell If Your Essential Oils Are Pure

Where to Buy Pure Essential Oils

Now that you understand authentic essential oils have thorough testing, realistic price points, botanical names, and UV-protected containers, you’ll be much more equipped to identify what’s pure and what’s a problem.

And if you’re looking for an essential oil provider you can trust—without signing up to host MLM parties and guilt your friends and family into buying from you—Hohm is here for you. At Hohm, you can quickly and easily access pure essential oils to scent your space wherever life takes you. Plus, with our generous return policy, you can try Hohm products risk-free!

Don’t settle for less. Try Hohm today for essential oils that are purely scentsational.

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