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Tiffany Church

The Hohm diffuser is so amazing! It works well and doesn't need water. I love that I can take it from room to room and even into my car. The Radiance blend smells amazing!

David Shaw

Every scent so far has been amazing! My favorite so far has been the Sweet Orange, and I love the simplicity of not having to add water each time I use my diffuser. 

Madi Kerekes

I really like the no water function - Makes cleaning a breeze. Also, not having to worry about a cord means I can take this anywhere - car or desk at work.

Breanne Morgan

These are amazing! The Self-Care 101 kit was such a great intro to these oils. My favorite so far has been Radiance, and I have already placed my second order for more!

Jordan McGee

The vessel waterless diffuser is simply amazing, and the Radiance scent can't be over-praised. I wish everything in my life smelled like Radiance. I will be getting more.