The Safe Way to Scent Your Space

Essential Oils

Aromas Have the Power to Uplift

Who doesn’t love walking into your home, office, or car and being greeted with a pleasant, refreshing scent? Aromas have the power to uplift, inspire, or ground you. They can take your party to the next level or help you wind down before bedtime. There are incredible scents for every occasion, making the options truly endless.

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The Truth About Toxins and Synthetics

The Truth About Toxins and Synthetics

There are also endless ways to scent your home. But if we’re being real, some options are better than others. Unfortunately, some of the most popular ways to scent your spaces are also good ways to introduce chemicals and potential toxins into the air.

Candles, for example, often use synthetic fragrances to achieve their pleasant scents. While you may enjoy the ambiance of a candle-lit dinner, it’s possible you’re breathing in unnatural chemicals during your romantic evening. Bit of a vibe killer.

Plug-in air fresheners can have similar issues. They’re usually a discreet way to scent your space, but try recognizing or even pronouncing the ingredients you find listed on the package. They’re great tongue twisters.

Clean Scents with Essential Oils

But there is a solution. Essential oils offer a safe, natural alternative for clean scenting wherever life takes you. With your trusty diffuser, you can easily and discreetly infuse your bedroom, bathroom, or workspace with 100% all-natural, pure essential oils.

Hohm essential oils are made from natural plant materials including blossoms, resins, and peels from around the world. When you diffuse Sweet Orange in your kitchen, that’s exactly what you’re getting: pure orange aroma. No need to worry about toxins and chemicals. You can rest easy, knowing you’re breathing in a natural scent.

To ensure our essential oils are natural and pure, Hohm puts them through rigorous testing. Each batch must pass six authenticity and quality tests, including GC/MS testing, to make sure there are no added fillers or synthetics, just pure essential oil.

Elevating your spaces through scenting shouldn’t introduce potentially harmful chemicals into the air you breathe. With essential oils, you can harness the power of nature to brighten, energize, or relax your space. Don’t wait to explore everything pure, natural essential oils have to offer. You can learn more about using essential oils in your home, car, or office by visiting us here.

You can learn more about using essential oils in your home, car, or office by visiting us here.

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